Ahhh, Beer!

Cask vs Keg, Lager or Lambic, we love it!

Beer has never been more popular, and we're stocking the brands and brews leading the pack. Our ale range is enormous and covers Pale Ales, IPA, Sours and everything in between. As you would expect from an independent wholesaler, we carry all the best-selling brands. We stock the UK's best producers such as Tiny Rebel, Magic Rock, Beavertown, Vocation and Deya, along with renowned brewers worldwide such as Hitachino nest, Vedett, Orval, and the world's oldest brewery, Weihenstephan. For those who prefer things a little more traditional, we've all you can ask for when it comes to bitter and mild, stocking the brands that consumers have come to know and love, such as Timothy Taylor, Purity, Wye Valley & Sharps.

Despite the array of styles, sub-styles & trends to make it, all you need is water, yeast, a grain (barley, wheat, rice, etc.) of some sort to get your malt from & some hops. So despite the bewildering array of names given to the final product ultimately, all of them fall into just two styles;

Ale or Lager.


Best served cold; Lager is lighter in colour and flavour than a traditional ale. It is also The precursor to all modern golden Lager originates from the Czech republic. In the 1800s, in the town of Pilsen, the resident's came together to purchase their local brewery, an early cooperative, if you will, and this location is where the term 'pilsner' originates. Our lager range is enormous and covers Helles, pilsner, Kolsch and everything in between. As you would expect from an independent wholesaler, we carry all the best-selling brands, and we offer great lagers such as Asahi, Sam Adams, Freedom and Peroni, along with lagers from around the world such as Super bock and Singha, ABK and Hurliman.

Don't sell draught beer? We supply canned and bottled lagers and draught, covering a vast selection of lagers from craft breweries worldwide. Each Lager we stock is well worth trying, all selected by our qualified and skilful team to help you make sure you're providing the best drinking experience for your customers.


So, makes an ale? With the only discernable difference from Lager being a super eukaryotic, single-celled microorganisms (yeast to you & us!), it's understandable why sometimes the lines become very blurred with the terms & names for each style!

Ale yeasts do well in the warm & Lager in the cold. Both are fermented & then taken down to a lower temperature to finish off, with Lager being taken colder & left for longer. As a result, Lager is clean, bright & refreshing (usually served cold) & ale, complex, chewy & darker (often served closer to room temperature). Stout will technically fall into the ale category, but we have separated this for ease of navigation.

As an independent drinks wholesaler, we offer over 200 beers across every possible style. As of January 2022, these will be available to order online, so you can be sure that we'll have something in our range that your customers will savour.

We specialise in great beer and ensure we offer a range of premium quality with excellent value no matter the style.

Want to learn more about beer terminology & baffle your friends with knowledge? Be sure to check out our beer glossary below.


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