Lager [la·​ger]

Noun: a beer (such as a bock or pilsner) that is brewed at cool temperatures by slow fermentation with a slow-acting yeast (especially Saccharomyces pastorianus synonym S. carlsbergensis)


The precursor to all modern golden lager comes from the Czech republic. In the 1800s, in the town of Pilsen, the resident's came together to purchase their local brewery, an early cooperative, if you will. This is where the term 'pilsner' comes from. To find out more interesting beer facts, check out our beer glossary for things you've always wanted to know but have never asked.


Over the past few decades, Lager has seen a huge drop in popularity and volume. Rewind to the huge volumes of the late eighties and early nineties to the modern-day craft beer revolution; lager has been falling out of favour with the modern-day drinker for a while. This is a huge concern for many big brewers who relies on their volume lager sales.

Despite the change in the beer landscape, lager remains the largest and the most profitable segment in the beer category, and as of late, it is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. You are now able to see high profile UK craft brewers begin adding this historic brew to their roster to keep up with consumer demand for credible, well-made products. Although it's readily available, it's actually not an easy beer to brew in the sense that it takes a lot of time and energy to 'lager' a beer. In fact, the term 'lager is derived from the word 'lagern', which is German to store.


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