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Inn Express is an independent drinks wholesaler with decades of experience. An area of enormous growth is the non-alcoholic beer category. We stock beers from excellent low-alcohol suppliers such as Lucky Saint, ​Corona, Peroni, Drop Bear, Lowtide Brewing and many more. We offer an array of non-alcoholic craft beer options too. These are usually bursting with flavour and allow you to supply your customers with products that are unique compared to the commercial options.

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How Are Non-Alcoholic Beers Brewed?

Many people wonder how the alcohol-free industry brews its beer. Is there ever any alcohol in it? Do they remove the alcohol? We're going to take you through multiple ways that these products may be made. The first is that they don't ferment the beverage. This is an efficient way of brewing non-alcoholic beer because it completely cuts out the task of removing the alcohol. The danger of utilising this process is that the recipe gets further away from an authentic alcoholic brewing recipe. This could result in the general consensus that non-alcoholic beers don't have the same taste as traditional beers on the market. Additionally, another method is partly fermenting the beer. This is relatively self-explanatory. The product is partially fermented, so it has a lower alcohol content, this is because fermentation is the part of the brewing process where alcohol is produced. Brewers use grains like maize to partially ferment the beer, this is because it has less sugar in it, so it doesn't produce as much alcohol. Additionally, the brewers can extract the sugars during the brewing process.

Diluting the beverage is the third way a non-alcoholic beer can be made. It is one of the widest-used methods of brewing in the industry. The beverage is made the usual way, producing an alcoholic version of the end product. Once it is at this stage, the beverage gets diluted with water, resulting in a reduction of the alcohol content. You may be thinking that this method would turn the drink into a tasteless beer. However, it will then be re-carbonated, which allows the beverage's flavour and carbonation to return. The final method is removing the alcohol at the end of a traditional brewing process. Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, therefore by heating the product up, the brewer can extract the alcohol, leaving the flavour behind (if done correctly). Reverse Osmosis is another way of removing the alcohol from the beverage. This involves picking out the flavour molecules to use in the brewing process whilst allowing the alcohol molecules to be disposed of.

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