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We stock the beer brands that are leading the pack. These brands include Tiny Rebel, Beavertown, Vocation and many more! Additionally, we stock beers from smaller, independent breweries to give you the best selection possible. Our ale range is enormous and covers pale ales, IPAs, sours and everything in between. For those who prefer things a little more traditional, we've got everything you could ask for when it comes to bitter and mild ale. We stock the brands that consumers have come to know and love, such as Timothy Taylor, Purity, Wye Valley & Sharps.

Despite the array of styles, sub-styles and trends, all you need to produce beer is water, yeast, a grain (barley, wheat, rice, etc.) and some hops. Regardless of the bewildering labels of the final product, all beer falls into just two styles;

Ale or Lager.

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The average pub-goer in the UK drinks over 4000 litres of beer in their lifetime, that’s a lot of pints, bottles, and cans to get through. The demand for beer is high in hospitality venues. Therefore, you need a wholesaler that gives you a vast choice of hundreds of beers to keep your customers happy. The UK was recently found to have the world's 12th-highest beer consumption rate (per person). If this doesn’t entice you to stock up on some classic (as well as emerging) beers, then we don’t know what will!

We stock every category of beer imaginable and have weekly craft beer guest brewers to keep your beer offerings new and fresh! Inn Express’ beer range includes Ale, Lager, Stout and Craft Beer. Within these categories, you will find plenty of niche beers, we leave no stone unturned. We stock everything from an 8% Double Indian Pale Ale with tropical flavours to a 4% commercial lager. Plus, anything we don't stock, we can order for you!

We source our beers from around the world, stocking beers from five continents. You don’t have to go to another beer wholesaler for the products you desire.

In the early days of Inn Express, our Chairman, Dennis Hall, recognised that no other wholesaler was offering a wide range of beer. The same beers were being sold by wholesalers across the UK. As a result, we had to offer our customers a wide selection of beers, which became our unique selling point (amongst other things). Initially, we focused on stocking an array of cask ales until we branched out and took advantage of the rise in popularity of craft beer. The craft beer bars we supply require a rotational selection of beers from their wholesaler, so that’s what we offer. Love a beer you buy from us? Great, you can order it again! Excited about a new and upcoming beer to stock? We’ve got them in abundance.

Our website allows you to order beer with ease. If it’s a beer you have purchased before, it will be in the order history section of your account. If you see a beer you like, you can add it to your wishlist. Another great perk of our ordering platform is that you can filter the beers to find the ‘newest in’. This means you can purchase the freshest stock we have to offer, especially if you offer rotational beers at your venue. We are a beer wholesaler that makes ordering easy.



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