Find the right beer for the right glass.

Have you ever wondered why you get different beer in different glasses? Some drinkers would even say that beer can taste better in a particular glass! Well, if it's good enough for wine, then why not beer? Indeed it's the beer that matters. While the beer is the star of the show, the glass you use affects your perception & how you experience the beer. The right glass allows you to experience a beer at its best. have a look at our quick guide to choosing the right beer for the right glass.

The Pint

Ah, the humble Pint glass. The workhorse of the glass world, its broad opening allows the aroma of a beer to flourish. This classic container comes in a vast range of shapes, names & styles. Popular pint glasses include Conical, Nonik, Jug or Tulip varieties. They are traditionally used for low ABV session-style beers. If in doubt, a Pint glass will always do a decent job.

  • Blonde Ales
  • Brown Ales
  • California Common or Steam Beer
  • Cream Ales
  • English Bitter
  • Extra Special Bitters (ESB)
  • India Pale Ales (IPA)
  • Lagers
  • Pale Ales (APA)
  • Porters
  • Red Ales
  • Rye Beers
  • Stouts

Weissbier Vase

As the name suggests, these glasses are designed for Hefeweizens. The vase shape accentuates the hazy body & gives ample room for the fragrant foam head.

  • All Wheat Beers
  • Dunkelweizen
  • Hefeweizen
  • Kristalweizen
  • Gose
  • Weizenbock


They are shaped to allows for a good old sniff & swirl whilst also giving you the ability to appreciate the colours & carbonation. The lipped top also helps to maintain the head of a beer. Initially used for Belgian beers, these glasses have spread to other types of beer & are a staple of many craft beer pubs.

  • Belgian Ales
  • India Pale Ales (IPAs)
  • Pale Ales
  • Strong Ales


These are large bowl-shaped glasses used for strong beers, associated with Dubbels & Quads. The shape softens the high carbonation giving the beers a smoother feel. Some may have etching or nucleation on the bottom to encourage a steady stream of bubbles & maintain a nice head.

  • Belgian Ales
  • Belgian IPAs
  • Belgian Dubbels
  • Belgian Tripels
  • Belgian Quadruples
  • Belgian Trappist Ales
  • Bocks
  • Imperial IPAs
  • Imperial Stouts
  • Fruit beers
  • Lambics & Gueuze


Finding the right glass for the right beer


Purposefully Shaped to allow a steady stream of bubbles into a tight head, the name suggests this glass is designed for Pilsners & light lagers. Pilsner glasses some stemmed, slightly fluted or with a heavy base. Ultimately these glasses are designed to showcase colour, clarity & carbonation.

  • Czech Pilsners
  • German Pilsners
  • Light Lagers


Provides theatre for drinks that demand attention & helps raise the temperature slightly to aid flavour development. Designed for where the drink is treated more like a spirit. Broad-bodied so that the imbiber of said beverage can roll the drink around the glass to intensify the aroma.

  • Barley Wines
  • Imperial Stouts


A recent & trendy addition to an already huge list of beer glasses. The Teku glass was Designed by Kuaska, an Italian sensory analyst & Teo Musso, a top craft beer brewer for improving the craft beer drinking experience. It has gone on to be used & favoured by sommeliers & beer experts across the world, & it has been made the official glass of New York's Eataly. The angled bowl captures the aromatics for the nose & palate while the stem keeps body temperature from warming the beer prematurely. The Teku is many a beer lover 'go to glass' & suits a massive range of styles.

  • Barley Wines
  • India Pale Ales (IPAs)
  • Pale Ales
  • Imperial Stouts
  • Double IPAS (DIPA)
  • Triple IPAS (TIPA)
  • Whatever you fancy, ultimately!


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