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Bottled beer has been around for ages. Some brewers fill bottles with still beer and a bit of sugar, like casks. The secondary fermentation in the bottle produces carbonation and a thin layer of yeast sediment in the bottom. This method is called priming. Other brewers carbonate their beer at the brewery then fill the bottles with it. This is the most popular method and gives brewers more control over the final product by controlling the level of carbonation in their beer.

Some brewers still even use corks. But most seal their bottles with the familiar metal cap.

Most beer bottles are made of brown, green or clear glass. All three colours let in light, although brown lets in a lot less than the other two. But light can be bad for beer. The unpleasant odour and flavour are caused by ultraviolet light hitting specific molecules in beer, a process that can happen very quickly. So, bottles need to be packaged and labelled in a way that prevents light from getting through.


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